Let me explain... No, there is too much. Let me sum up.

Currently balancing the task of designing and maintaining the Eastern Connecticut State University site on my shoulders.

Graduated from the afore mentioned university back in 2004... Nice of them to eventually get around to employing me, I thought.

In between, I worked on everything from vendor websites to magazine layouts, business logos to IRA rollover forms, for everyone from farm owners to expats, from consulting firms to charities.

A story about a man, some code, and designing by committee.

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Original Eastern Site (Pre-Jason)

This is what the site looked like before I was brought on board. It was essentially a small 1024x768 site maintained via Dreamweaver templates with content updates being done via Contribute.

Code wise, it was a bit of a mess... tables inside of tables with more tables inside, like some kind of horrific Russian nesting doll.

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Dreamweaver Template (now with divs!)

The plan was pretty straight forward: Make the old site look nicer, while not rocking the boat very much. This meant that a lot of things I wanted to add weren't added, and a lot of things I wanted to remove weren't removed.

The homepage got a rather nice makeover, while the inner pages essentially remained the same (only with significantly less tables).

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Department page, with top navigation showing

I never really liked the functionality of the top menus for the old site, honestly. They were the ol' pop out navigation that were all the rage back in the early 2000's, but a lot of users had issues with them collapsing because your cursor went 1px too far out of bounds and you were technically no longer hovering over the menu.

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Department page, with side navigation showing

Not a whole lot to say that wasn't said in the last two... This one just shows the side navigation menu expanded. It worked a lot like the top one (multiple pop outs), and essentially had the same issues.

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Eastern Wordpress ver 1.0

Wordpress was chosen as the CMS once Adobe stopped supporting Contribute. I didn't know anything about using WP or PHP, but I think I managed to get up to speed fairly quickly, all things considered.

This was the first time the site was actually responsive... before, it would just look awful on mobile devices.

Don't know why the footer is yellow though... That didn't make it live.

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Wordpress 1.0, top navigation

I was super happy when we managed to sneak this into the live site. A student worker that was helping me at the time (Carlos Silva) helped me cobble together something that wasn't going to disappear when someone accidentally moused outside slightly.

It actually pushes all the content down, and just stays open if (for some reason) a user has JS disabled.

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Wordpress 1.0, side navigation

Much like the top menu, this got snuck in without much fanfare, but it pleased me to no end to finally get rid of the pop out menus.

This section accordians down and up on click, and just has them all expanded if (again, for whatever reason) someone has JS disabled... I tend to worry about that kind of stuff for some reason.

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Eastern Wordpress ver. 2.0

I was given a bit more freedom by this point, and allowed to open up the home page a bit more so it could breathe. The icons didn't last too long, sadly, because they were "too colorful"...

But at least I got rid of the content tabs in the middle of the page. So you win some, you lose some.

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Wordpress 2.0, secondary pages

Similar design to the home page, this particular page (Current Students) was for important pages that needed to be "just the facts, ma'am", ostensibly.

The right section was/is a news ticker, which was a royal pain to set up but had some nifty functionality (scrolled, drew from posts of a particular category, removed automatically via expiration date).

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Wordpress 2.0, ch-ch-ch-ch-changes!

Same overall layout and what not of the one with icons, only... you know... without the actual icons.

I'm still partial to the icons, all things considered...

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Eastern Wordpress, 3.0

This is an interim design, keeping everyone satisfied with a fancy look and screen-filling design while we transition to our (upcoming) CMS change away from Wordpress.

I was told in nicer terms that our site was "ugly", and it didn't hold up when compared to other university's sites. So this was a stopgap to not only keep me from throttling someone, but to make everyone happy with a "modern" home page (and Admissions, actually).

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Don't mind me, I'm just here to fill in the space so that these other two jerks don't get centered.

When I was a young warthog designer...

Now, obviously, this isn't all of my previous work. I have a portfolio full of stuff I've done in my free time and stuff I've done professionally, along with stuff I've done for school and stuff I've done just for friends.

However, if we're all being honest here, most of my older stuff is a bit... juvenile. So here are the things I'm not completely embarassed by... all, like, 6 of them.

ING - Rollover Wizard

Right out of college, I was tasked with using an Adobe form program that crashed constantly, that I didn't know how to use until I started working with it, and with no one support except my manager and the guys doing the back end.

It did all kinds of wonderful things, but mainly you'd fill it in and wouldn't have to re-fill in those bits in later sections, and it would serve you up specific forms you could fill out based on your input.

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Blackledge Consulting - Logo

One of my first freelance jobs, I was told to keep it hush-hush at the time (and I did for 10+ years now) because I'm pretty sure the guy wasn't supposed to be doing side-work like consulting.

This project made me realize the importance of keeping well maintained files, as the Illustrator file I had for this ended up giving me a lot of headaches with all the corners I cut in the design "because you can't see that bit, it'll be fine".

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Visible Vintage Autos - Logo

This was a logo for a website that sold custom pieces for antique cars (mainly old Fords). I built an entire website and storefront for it as well, but I'm really only happy with the actual logo at this point.

It's not shockingly good or anything, but it'd at least look nice on a shirt, I suppose.

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Paradise Farms - Logo

A nice, simple logo I did for a wonderful lady to use on her farm (I never actually thought to ask why a farm would need a logo, now that I think about it).

I underpriced this something fierce at the time, because I was pretty hard up for work before Eastern picked me up with a steady paycheck, and she very readily doubled my offer because I "wasn't charging what it was worth".

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Just another one of us... move along.

... shoo. Nothing to see here.